June 2, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday - BOYS

Today I'm the one in need of a wake up call!

I need to chill out a bit when it comes to the boys. As they get older I'm seeing that they need time to vent they need time to fight then they need time to be boys!

This summer is going to be a challenge for me! I'm going to have to let them figure it out. Figure out how to work together, figure out how to form brotherly bonds between each other. They need to have this bond because in a few short years they will be teenagers, and will no longer come to us with their problems every time.
I pray and pray more that they will turn each other before they turn to others! But before that happens, I as a mother (their Mother) need to guide them in the process of cooperating with one another now so they can trust one another later in life.   I am also looking to guide them in being Godly Men, Men who love the Lord, Men who love one another.  I am thankful for our church because their children's ministry is awesome and both the boys seem to get something out of it.  But for now I need the wake up call.  I need to take this as a call to action, a call to do the right thing for our Sons, sons of the Lord, children of God.  We have been intrusted with these souls by the heavely father now we need to make sure we mold them properly.

So today is my "Wake Up Wednesday" today is my day to wake up and take care of my boys, to make sure we are raising them in the name of the Lord.  They are great boys, they are energitic boys....they are BOYS!

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