June 28, 2010

Truthful Tuesday ~ Children....

Truthful Tuesday ~ Children....and the things they say!
If you are a parent you have been there! 
You know the times when you are standing at the bank teller line and your child says something like "how come we cant get a person who speaks english clearly?"

Or standing in line at wallyworld and they say "wow see how fat that person is mom?" 
We as parents die each time we hear these innocent words come out our childrens mouths.  But how do you deal with or teach your child the proper thing to say? 
How do you teach a child to tame their tounge? 

Children are so honest and so innocent that sometimes it is hard not to laugh or die of embrassment. Their simple thoughts are awesome, yet we as parents try to tame them.  We try and teach them when it is ok to say what is on their minds and when we bite our tounges.


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