May 12, 2010

WAKE UP! Home Genetic Test Kits

So here is my wake up call for today!

Walgreens Drug Stores to start selling Home Genetic Test Kits! Really what is happening in our society??
Yet another way our society is saying to teens "It's ok to have sex before marriage and have as many partners as you want! We will put you on birthcontrol, give you medications for STD's, we will pay for your abortions and now we will even make a home Genetic Test kit!"

Sure these kits are to help determine predisposition to certian chronic diseases, but are we going to far? Would this kit help women choose a spouse? Or who she wants to father her baby? What are we doing playing God?  There are just so many things wrong with this idea I am unable to wrap my thoughts around it!

WAKE UP AMERICA - these are not just my children, they are yours and they are our future!  We need to stop trying to play God, and start following Him and listening to his words!

By the way these tests are NOT approved by the FDA because they do not have to be???????????

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