May 25, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - should be let me whine some more tuesday.....


Really I just wanna whine some more! 
I wanna spill it all and really tell you all how I feel!
I want to rant and rave about people!
I wanna just blurt it all out ~how I feel and who I am mad at!
I want to tell the world all about who pissed me off and made me cry this past week. 

I want to ask this person what makes them a better Christian then me?
What gives them the right to treat me like that, and not others. 
I want to ask "what did I do for YOU to have such feelings toward me, when you've never gone out on a limb and tried to be kind to me?"
I want to ask "Why can't you even try and "look me in the eyes"? Or just TRY to respect me as another human being in this world?"

That is alot of "I WANTS!!"
I think what I Need is to do the following:

I need to forgive!
I need to move on!
I need to stop talking about it!
I need to move forward!
I need to remember not all christians are like this!
I need to be the better person.
I need to ask for help.
I need to change from this.
I need to ask for forgiveness.
I need to look for the positive in this.
I need to realize I am not the only one who was hurt.

This past week I was so blessed to have a few good friends there to help me through this and for that I am ever so grateful. To tell you all the truth I am sure without the faith that I have in the Lord, I am not sure I would have made it through the week.  In the past I would have fallen into a depression or funk, but not now, now I have the knowledge that I am NOT alone in all of this.

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Blogger Leslee said...

Oh boy... I am sorry for your frustrations but I am also relieved that I am not alone!

I too have had some tough times with people treating me unfairly and I so want to get even sometimes!!

But I know that I am a better person than that and I am forgiving. I'll get past the hurt and will emerge stronger!

May 30, 2010 at 11:00 PM  
Blogger JRomamma said...

THank you so much for letting me know I will be praying for you!

May 30, 2010 at 11:06 PM  

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