May 11, 2010

Truthful Tuesday ~ Bites

Can I be honest with you?

All right I know you have no say in the matter.
I'm going to be forward no matter what!
So beyond really disliking mondays, lately Tuesdays bite as well.
Currently I'm driving on child to a regular Doctors appointment while making the youngest tag along.
Fair? Who cares if its fair? I go we ALL go! (yes while driving)~

So we GO! I'm sure we will be late because lately WE are always late.
As we leave the house not one mile away I had to pull over, because spilled JUICE!

Oh my it has started already, only a mile from home!!! The drama has started and we still have 25 minutes to get to the doctors office. To my surprise that was the only issue we had the whole ride, there was not even an ounce of fighting. The boys were good for me! WOW and we were on time!

Even with this somewhat good trip, honestly sometimes I feel as though I am the ref, mom, taxi driver, nurse, cook, teacher, waitress all around slave, but there are days like this when it is over and the boys were good for me I see that it is all worth it.

Even though tonight before bed, I got a head to my pelvic bone, a burp in my face and extra slimy kisses at bed time, it is all worth it!

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