May 13, 2010

Thinking Thursday....

 I got to thinking about politics yesterday after a really good conversation with two women at work. Let me say that I am not a huge political person, but I am one to stick to my convictions and vote for the best candidate who will support the issues that are important to me. Sure over the years I have changed my convictions and passions but deep within my political views have been pretty level!

After talking with these women I was thinking, people who are Pro Life (or any major conviction) should do their homework! Find out about the current senators, congressmen, reps, town officials, and other government workers who serve them and their communities! Find out basics like religions, personal convictions of each of the candidates.

I have never personally done this, but working at the PRC I have learned about these politicians and their views on abortion and the right of the unborn vs rights of the woman! Just recently we held our annual fund raising banquet and a senate candidate and his wife made the choice to come to hear Jill Stanek and they were moved! Their support of our centers and the Pro Life movement is crucial to our doors staying open! Then if our doors stay open we are able to serve his communities in a different way but still very important! (image care of ).

 If you want more info on pro life canidates look up the following sites :

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