May 24, 2010

Monday WHY Monday? Tough week behind me

Last week was atough week! Not at home and not work wise - but on a personal level!

It was tough knowing that I had to comfront someone at work and it was tough to have my executive director have to deal with this as well. There are and were so many issues there that I will not go in to detail at all, but in general the few things I saw last week really made me think long and hard about the path that I have been on the past two years.
From your basic God Fearing woman, mother and wife to what and where I am today.
I feel as though I am a daughter of the Lord.  I feel as though I am a sister in Christ ~ I have learned I have stepped out of the comfort zone that I was in for so many years. 
Am I ONE with the Lord? NO! I most likely will never be that close to the Lord, until the day I enter Heaven.

Am I aware that each day I awake I walk one more step in the path layed out before me?  Sure Thing.
I am so blessed to know that Jesus died on the Cross so that each day we are washed of our sins and must start anew.  Start over.  Retry and move forward.  I am glad the Lord has placed the stones down for me and guided me down the path.  I am also glad he has allowed me to stray and learn from my misguided turns.  Where would I be with out some sort of learning experiences?  NO WHERE???

So this week was placed before me by the Lord, and I see that Christians of all sorts are out there, however not all are perfect, nore did I believe they were.  Maybe those people who believe that they are perfect are mis-guided in their paths?  Maybe the Lord is testing them and letting them grow as well.

Was this a tough week left behind me?  SURE!
Was I able to learn? YES
Did I blame anyone? Nope - how could I?  If it really comes down to it, I will offer up forgiveness and ask how I am able to change myself so that I can move on and so can my sister in Christ.

Most importantly I learned that the Lord has asked to LOVE one another no matter what, and what this means is that I must LOVE a person no matter how they act toward me.  Love is in the Bible and all that branches from Love is in there too! Love has so many is hard NOT to define!  So I learned about LOVE and I learned about RESPECT, Understanding and Growth this week.

I ask today and each day after today, that the Lord move me forward on my path and allow me to learn great things from this week past.  Especially that each day is better than the day before.

Thanks for reading my Rant!

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