May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Monday

If I could say I know a military hero I would!

If I could say I have a family member who died serving their country, I would!

But I don't have anyone in my family who served over seas, I do however know that my Grandfather served state side. There are people I knew from high school who served, one David Collard died in Iraq! He died serving and protecting His /OUR country. He died too young!
Just like many of these men and women who are dying too young.

I wanted to write a thank you to all the men and women who are serving overseas and state side. I wanted to write to all who have served in decades past. I wanted to remind everyone on this memorial day 2010 to sit in silence for a few minutes or more and pray for those who continue to serve their country. But for now here is my thank you note to all who serve this country.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the USA ~
Thank you so very much for continue protecting our country.
Thank you to all of you who wear a military uniform day to day or just once a year!
Thank you to those who have served in battle or served a meal, each job is vital to protecting the US.
Thank you to the millions of soldiers who have sacrificed so much for so many they do not know.

I want to thank the Mothers and Fathers who helped raised such remarkable soldiers! Thank you to the husbands and wives who knew going in to their relationships that they were taking risks even here at home. Thank you to the children who said their nightly prayers that their father or mother might return unharmed from war.

But most of all I want to thank those who can not hear me - those who have served to protect this country since before 1776.  Thank you for giving us the right to believe in a God. Thank you for keeping the political process alive.  But most of all thank you for giving the biggest thing you could, YOURSELF!
GOD Blessed this country with brave men and women who knew what could and would happen if they inlisted.

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