May 5, 2010

Is today Wednesday?

WOW - wednesday already??
I can not believe how fast this month has flow by!  Just a few weeks back I was stressing out about my first banquet, planned from start to finish on my own!  What do I mean by "on my own"? Well I am the person telling me what to do when and how, setting and accomplishing deadlines, making follow up calls, and deligating work and doing the tables assignments, AV and well...anything else that needs to be accomplished!  Sure we have volunteers and a staff, but I have never been the ONE!  I have always worked for someONE!  Never running an event from start to finish that was THIS BIG! 

This is amazing stuff going on where I work!  Stuff like women keeping their babies after hearing about the truths behind abortion.  Women choosing Christ to be in their lives and in the lives of their unborn child and sometimes even in close family members! Post Abortion Recovery! Adoption, parenting, empowerment! This Stuff is HUGE! Re-Starting our mens ministry!  There is so much going on at the two centers I work with that I need to step back and wrap my mind around it all.

But this Banquet is over and I am feeling good about the year to come! I am feeling good about what the Lord has instore for us.  Everyday is a new day and every day is a challange, but if we are guided by the Lord then each challange is AWESOME!

The volunteers and friends of our center are great people and without them this would have never happened.  God is great and so are the children he has chose to help at this CPC!

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