April 28, 2010

WAKE UP WEDNESDAY - Rambling addition....

Alright - I have already stated that I suck at Blogging!
Now I have to say that I really SUCK at blogging!  Well at least for the past few weeks.  But I have an excuse! Really I do! I have been thinking of all the great things I could write about, I have even started many of them  But my excuse is valid, I am not sick, I am not working too much, I am not trying to clean my house every second of the day (even though I should), the laundry is done and dinner is pretty much made everyday on time, and not too late for the kidlets! So what is my excuse?
~ I just do not feel like writting!
Plain and Simple (thanks Honda)

Really I do have so many ideas in my head, but when it comes to writting them down I just feel blah about it and decide not to! But today I am making an effort to write, to truly sit here and write about my WAKE UP moment this week, but it was hard to choose which one to use.  So I will use the most recent one -

Tonight our youngest Lost his first tooth - it was awesome, because we have been eyeing that tooth for well over a week now and I have tried to pull it numerous times, only causing pain and one really pissed off child. So we let it go, well all but big brother, he just wont let something drop!  Asking over and over again about the tooth...driving us all mad!

But tonight was one of those jump on the couch nights, and wham - out came the tooth!  YES!!

So tonight he gets Cash! That is what he asked for so that is what the tooth fairy will leave!
As much as I need a wake up call - this one is a great one that tells me that my boys are growing up and soon they will not be having new experiences like this ever again!  It will all be old hat for them and for me!

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