April 29, 2010

Thinking Thursday! Dreaming

I was thinking....really I was!  I was thinking about Dreams.

Not just the dreams we have while we are sleeping, but the dreams we have for ourselves and for others around us.  We all have dreams, and we all start pretty early in our lives dreaming about things. Children dream to be famous, or to be a hero, dancers, Parents or pretty!

I used to dream I would be an art teacher and live in a big city like NYC.  That I would teach children all about the masters in Painting and take trips to the grand museums around the country.  But my dreams changed, and for many reasons, not just because I gave up the dream, but because my life branched off so many times, that is was next to impossible to come full circle to that orginal dream I had as a child.  Does this mean I gave up? NO! I still want to be that art teacher, but maybe in a different way to a different audience.

As a young girl I always dreamed about the house I would live in, how my children would look, how many pets and cars I would own, etc.  We are just born to dream about what we can have, but do we ever really dream about what we can DO! And now we can do it?

Do children dream about how they can change the world?

Do adults ever look back and dream about the impact they still can make in the life of others?

Maybe it is time to stop dreaming about stuff and start dreaming about being the best we can be by giving to others.  Give of our time, prayers, efforts and talents.  Dream a big Dream, dream of a world where all are equal, dream that one day children will not go to bed hungry.  Dream of a world where people are not aborting babies to make sure their dreams are not ruined. We all have to change dreams because of one bump in the road or another, but that should not change the dream, just alter it a bit till we can achive it.

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