April 19, 2010

Monday WHY Monday?

Sitting here watching our 5 year old move about the playground as we wait for his brother to arrive back from his first day of vacation arts camp, I reflect!

I want to look back at the past four years since I worked in Corporate Non-Profit! It is amazing how much has changed since Mothers Day weekend 2006, and good (I mean GREAT) changes!

As with anything we look back and ask what would I change, if anything? Well I would have changed very little, because as I reflect I see how each stone of the path was placed before me by God! I can even retrace every step! Well at least I think I can.

-it mainly started a year after I suddenly became a stay at home mom, alone all day with a 16 month old, not knowing anyone in my town at was about 30 miles from where I worked and grew up! I needed some sort of support system or I was going to loose it. The library was getting pretty old pretty quick!! But the library is where I met Sonya, well it was the playground! She told me about a Moms Club and how it was a group of stay at home mothers who gathered for play groups, nights out, and what not! Well she did not have to tell me twice, I wanted in!

So the next business meeting I made sure I was there to sign up and get to know some of these mothers!

And I was amazed! What a great group of women and fun children, I really enjoyed being a part of this group and loved that they also gave to the community, it was fun. So for about two years I was apart of this club and really got to make some great friends! Tomorrow the next step of my path!

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