April 23, 2010

its like CRACK!

These silly games on MYFACE are killing me!
Really they are Like CRACK!!
I am not really one to have more then a few drinks in a month, I do not smoke and I live a pretty low key life in general, but there is one thing I am addicted to and it is those games on MYFACE (facebook/myspace combined).  I was playing Farmville for the longest time, till I could no longer log onto it, so I found another one called Country Life! 

I find myself gardening till the wee hours of the night! I start to feel bad if my crops go unattended for more than 24hours.  I wake up at night worring that my farm animals are fed! Ok not really but sometimes I really think that I have a problem.  The problem is like all these adult men who play video games at all hours, but the games I play are less then reality! I am never going to own a farm, cow or ketsup maker!  In general there is not much about this game that is close to real for me, it has just become a way to escape for a while, and do some mindless computing!

But like I said it does become like a drug that you can not quit, and you are always waiting for the next fix!  if you do not play I suggest you DONT!

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