April 7, 2010


LICE - Need I say more?
Well sure I will say more!
I always do say more...last wednesday
I got to work and we were about to sit
and pray for the center, clients, and our
 volunteers, and I get a voice mail.  School Nurse?! 
So I call her back and come to find out MY KIDS HAVE LICE?????????????? UGH  - gives me the hebbie jebbies! 
And makes me ich too!

The photos here are the boys a week before the whole head lice thing, and let me tell you I was NOT about to pick through their hair!  So I went and picked them both up from school and drove home.  As I did I explained that I would have to shave their heads!  That is just what I DID!

I  cut their hair right off! With no hair and $40 bottles of hair shampoo, it did the trick! 
I did however get some in my hair!
No I did not shave my head!
Even though the boys wanted me too!  LOL

I did however have a pile of laundry from here to the moon!  I am only used to laundry from here to Florida, but this was everything in the house that was not nailed to the floor!  Beds, towels, pillows, rugs....and that which I could not wash or heat up in the dryer, went to large plastic bags for two weeks!!!  Stuffed animails, pillows, sweaters.....All of it!

I do not recomend HEAD LICE unless you want to have a great deal of spring cleaning on your hands.  I cleaned and cleaned for days....wiped down every surface and vacumed things I never thought I would vacume.  Is it over?  YES!  Even though my kids keep getting checked at school, everything someone has an itch, they pull my kids out of class before anyone else.

This has opened my eyes to much, and I have much to rant about! But that will be another blog post!

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