April 13, 2010

Birthday number 36!

Yes I turned a year older, we all do!  But this year I turned 36 - to some of you that is older and to some that is youngerm but the great thing is to me - there is no change.  I still feel like I am 30 years old, and love life to the fullest.

My day started with a great hand written note from 8yo and a colored box by 5yo (all on their own)

(mom chill out on your speshel day. Happy birthday!!! from Trevor)

Then - some shopping without kids and a cup of coffee in hand! Those of you with children totally understand this! It was great.  Then we came home unloaded the goods, and took a long walk around our property.  We were making plans for the next few months of what to do with the yard. 

Then a quick clean up and off to Home Depot and Lunch. 
Later then planned but it was all good.  Lunch was great!  it was at our favorite place The Willimantic Brew Pub / Main Street Cafe http://www.willibrew.com/ 

A View of my favorite place from my office! It is like a big tease! But our lunch was Quite and tasty! 
I got the Windham Village (06280)- Corned beef, onion, cole slaw and Swiss chese toasted to perfection with our mustard horseradish sauce. Served on Rye. It was awesome!   Even got desert!  Yummmm

Click this link for some great photos of my birthday - a day off with the hubby!


In all it was a great day filled with my boys and time to relax!

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