March 10, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday! Sometimes you have to stop....

and smell the Roses!  Or at least just stop and have a little fun... and that was my plan today.  I had called my sister in law who lives 35 minutes away and asked if we could come for a visit after school.  Knowing that my guys and her girls had finished testing today it would be an ok break mid week, and we did go.  But I did not tell my guys - instead I shipped them off to school as I always do, and then called the school later in the day and told them I would be picking them up! 

It is always a nice surprise for them to be picked up and not have to take the bus home, even though we all love the bus driver!  So there I was waiting for them when the end of the day came and they were thrilled.  Then I told them where we were headed and they were even happier. 

We had a great time and the boys really loved seeing all four of their girl cousins.  They even were happy to share in a meal and some great imaginary play.  So after bouncing on the trampoline, swinging from a tire swing, the chickens being fed, sticky faces, dirty hands and a shinner, the boys were tuckered and so was I!

Sometimes you need to change it up, WAKE UP and smell the roses, coffee or whatever else will wake you up out of your comma of routine.

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