February 17, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday

Ok Day three of school vacation and I have survived so far.  I SAID SO FAR...
I have been blessed with a mother-in-law who has been willing to watch the boys both last friday and again today, allowing me to work and give me a break.  I have said a thousand times, they are great boys alone but together they are fighters and brothers to the end.  When they are together they just try little things to get to one another and then it all get blown out of control. I have tried hard to find things for them to do alone, allowing one another space to be by themselves, but it always ends up as some sort of fight.

So tonight I pray, I will pray that they will WAKE UP and be able to come together as brothers and not as fighters.  On monday I was reminded by a fellow blogger, that prayer for my children and their future is so very important, not only long term but short term too.  So tonight I will pray for them.  Will you pray for your children tonight?

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