February 15, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

As I am about to sleep I am reviewing in my head the first few pages of the book that I am starting to read again.  I say again because I bought this book a few years back and tried to sit and read it, but found I was unable to do so.  Not because of the topic but because of the constant intruptions from children and life.  So on the shelf it went.  I will not name the book until I finish and do a full review of it, but for now let me say I have new insight.

This book tackles the adult brian of an adopted child.  One thing that brought me to tears so fast in this book was the idea that we as the adopted rarely are able to deal with the loss of our heritage and culture as well as so many other things that could have been.  We all touch on the idea of being different, and how that is what makes us so whole as an adoptee.  Children who are adopted are given a chance, a gift and love, that they might not have gotten if they had not been adopted.  I am so greatful for all those things, and so much more that I have been given over the years, I know I am blessed with amazing parents who love "me" for me! 

We read the stories of the biological mother who had her child at birth and asked/allowed others to raise that baby or the adopted  parent who was unable to have a child of their own or were just so full of love that they wanted to adopt children in need.  We read about how each one of them is given time to greive and work through the loss.  What is done for the adult adoptee who was adopted at birth and had a great childhood?  Are we ever asked to deal with the loss? I can not recall!As far as I can remember, I can't pin point a time where I cried over loosing my biological mother.  I never even thought about it until now.

I will continue to share more as I read more in this book, but for now I know that I will be thinking of the loss that happened to all of those involved in my story.  From my mother and father to my biological mother.  Each one should be given the time to greive over this loss.

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