February 15, 2010


I guess today I am not at bitter as I sometimes can be on a Monday morning, and that is rare especially today, when I have the boys’ home from school all week. Ask me again on Friday how I feel, even better ask me next Monday how I feel!

This past weekend we did lots but at the same time we did very little. And in all it was good!

I am not a huge believer of Valentine's Day; I think it is all a ploy. I think that if people LOVE each other they should love each other EVERYDAY! No just one day during the year. We should be able to show our love each day we see the one we love, and if we are not in "LOVE" we should show kindness to others every day. Just my two cents on Valentine's Day. I do have to give praise to Pickle and Booger, as well as my Hubby. All three gave me a card on their own. And my hubby gave me a bracelet charm and Apron. I know that sounds awful (apron) but I had asked for one for Christmas, and failed to receive one, so Valentine's Day came through for me. I was thrilled. However I sported a big old "FAIL" because I did not get any of them a Card and only got them each some candy. Again I was not really in the mood for Valentine's Day. But in all two home cooked meals for the three of them, filled their bellies and warmed their hearts I am sure!

Speaking of LOVE, I tried to start the week off with an explanation to the boys! I asked them to treat each other not as enemies, but as they would their friends at school. Be kind, not yell and respect the others thoughts and ideas. Now let’s see if we all can do that this week, otherwise it will be a long one and I will have lots to write!

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Blogger Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I wish my kids would be kinder to each other too. They alternate between super loving and hair pulling.

February 15, 2010 at 10:43 AM  

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