September 30, 2009

Day Three Living on Purpose is the Path to peace.

"You, Lord, give perfect peace to these who keep their purpose firm and put trust in you" Isaiah 26:3 (TEV)

What would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life?

My family and friends would, or what I believe they would, say my driving force would be my need to volunteer and share with others my ideas and experiences. Also that I have another driving force and that would be my children. And how much I want to give them lots of new experiences that would allow them to find out who they are and what they enjoy and not what I want them to do or be. I also would be described as a creative person who wants to share my talents.

Now what I would I want my purpose to be? To become a mother who provides all to her children especially a relationship with the Lord and make them into amazing young men. My purpose would also be to share my talents with others and to help them become or explore their hidden talents in a fun way. I would like to be a friend who could share the gospel of the Lord with others. I would like to have deep meaningful purpose in my life, the kind that would not give me fame or fortune but would give me a deep feeling of knowing I will be welcomed into the ever lasting land of the Lord my God.

September 29, 2009


It is amazing how the Lord is using us to work his missions. His ministries had been set up and planned for years, and now he has these souls there to work with him, to help save the souls of those young women and their unborn children. And he wants to to look in to the eyes of young girls who are not pregnant and guide them on a path of a cleansed heart an open mind to the gospel of the Lord.

So as we open the Wilimantic center we are finding that we need more warriors to work the centers, do paperwork, answer the phones, become client advocates and so many other amazing jobs you might think are for the gifted! You are gifted you are called by the Lord to serve him and help with his mission and his ministry.

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September 25, 2009

10 Years of Marriage

10 Years of Marriage



That Long Already!

Oh I forgot!

Are you two still in love?

That is amazing!

These are some of the many things said to me when letting my friends know that Troy and I have been married for 10 years (9/25/99). Amazing NO!! Still In Love? I know I am still in love with him, and I always feel that he loves me as well.

Has it been easy? NO! Has it been hard? NO!!! It has been a perfect blend of challenges, excitement, fun, changes, learning, growing, agreeing and fighting.

Troy and I are polar opposites. I tend to see my self as a city gal at heart, not huge on the icky sticky things in life. Troy is a country boy who loves to be outside getting all muddy and greasy from working on anything that needs to be puttered with. With us it is true when they say opposites attract. We do! In so many ways we are different. From our personal organization to how we handle people and problems. Our goals were always different, what and where we wanted to do with our life together, we always had different plans. My dream house and his were different, and we compromised with the home we now live in. (another love/hate relationship i might never want to blog about).

We differ on how we handle family relationships, work relationships and the parenting aspect of our lives. We differ on so many things, you think we never get along! Not true. WE get along amazingly well, as we will both tell anyone "we are best friends"! Really we are! We finish one anothers thoughts, communicate with one another in many different modern ways. Facebook, texting, calling, IMing and emailing and some more traditional ways like love notes, hugs, kisses and talking to each other after a fight or before bed. We leave very few stones unturned before we retire for the night. And we try hard never to go to bed mad with each other.

Many many times we agree to disagree, and then work our way through it. So far for the past 14.5 years that we have known one another, we have worked through many many issues that we have made compromises and we have changed plans because we did not agree on the desired outcome. But as we move forward in our marriage and we have added children to the mix, we find that we are starting to build up a parenting wall that we both stand behind. We "got each others Back". We would bend over backwards to support each other on a issue with the children, then we would talk about it later when they are not around.

In general I have no complaints about my husband Troy. he is a great Friend, father, husband, son, brother, co-worker and all around good christian man. He is the same man I met that night in July 1995. He is my best friend and I look forward to hangin out with him more and learning more about him as we move forward in our relationship.

Thank you Troy for so many great years with you.

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September 11, 2009

Eight Years later

I was working at Hartford Hospital and I was 6 months pregnant with our first child. I had left my office and went over to another building in the HH complex. Hiked up a few flights and sat and did some research in the PR department. While there someone from that office came in a said that a building in NY was hit by a plane. So we walked over the the TV they had and we were watching as the second plane hit the second building. OMG
I said I should get back to my office, and as I did the power in this building went out! We all started to freak out because HH was one very tall building in Hartford, we all ran down the stairs and out of the building. I headed over to my building and saw my co workers they were all in shock. We set up a television in the cafe of our building and pretty much took turns watching the news for the next four hours, it was such a sunny day out but the heaviness of sorrow made it feel like one of the darkest days of my life. I was afraid to bring a child into this world. Would it be a world of war and attacks on our country? Would he have to fight the minute he turned 18 - so many things went though my mind that day and the weeks ahead.
The next few days were hard on all of us, as people lined up to give blood, clothes and what ever else we could spare. Flags were flown, ribbons tied and a nation grouped together for one cause! It was powerful and amazing and I hope one day our country can gather again with out the loss of life. It would be nice to see Flags hanging off every home or mailbox, car and a flag pin on every lapel.


September 8, 2009

Purpose Driven Life - Day Two

Thinking about my Purpose

"I am your creator. you were in my care even before you were born" Isaiah 44:2 (CEV)

I know that God uniquely created me. What areas of my personality, background and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?

WOW - how should I answer this? Is the first thing that came to my mind when I read this. Well no other way but truthfully is how I need to answer.

But being honest in my mind and with God is one thing and being honest on paper (bloggin) is a harder thing. We as a culture have allowed women to believe there is only one way to be and one shape and all others are flowed! However the Lord created me and created the shape I am, all my thoughts and ALL my flaws. But he also created all my Positive attributes too! The Lord created my artistic abilities, my humor (and lack of one too)! he created my hair, eyes, skin with all the flaws they have as well. My height, weight and shape were all pre-determined before I was born, right?

So why are we as a society NOT happy with all shapes and types of people? I am not sure how to answer and I AM sure I will never be able to answer that! But I know I am happy with most of who I am. I know I am a creative, caring, active intelligent person who has become a daughter, sister, mother, friend, co-worker and so much more to so many.

Could there be parts of my life that I would change? SURE, who does NOT have their laundry list of things? I know I would LOVE to be taller, thinner, smarter and so much more, but I would not change what I have been given because of all the things I would loose. For I know there is a reason for all my flaws, just not sure yet what that purpose is!

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The Purpose Driven Life DAY 1

Day ONE!

"Everything got started in him and finds its purpose in Him" Colossians 1:16b

In spite of all the advertising around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not myself?

In starting the purpose Driven Life, I have gone backwards a bit in this study, but feel it is a better place to continue from then to pass over this all together. Last spring our church started "40 Days of Community" which allowed me to see who I am within a community, but not just one community, but many different communities. And because of that study I have found a purpose to my everyday life I've been given such an amazing job.

This job is my daily reminder about living for god, and not myself.

Another reminder would be my family, because of the Lord I have been given a beautiful family, i have a minute by minute reminder that it is not all about me, that it is about the Lord, it is about raising my children to connect them with the Lord and for them to learn to serve Him as well.

My husband is also an amazing reminder, he puts it into perspective on how our lives are small compared to all the hardship in the world, and that we might be struggling, but we are blessed with health, home and happiness, that others could never achieve. So he is a constant reminder for me of how blessed I am to have God in my life.

Another reminder would be the people I have been surrounded by, women and men who I am excited to call not only my co-workers, but my friends. They bless me each day we continue to come together at church, work or in each others homes. The Lord has blessed me with many ways to over come the constant obstacle of media and advertising, and He has allowed my family and friends to become my support and role models.

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September 2, 2009

Hearing the Call?

On July 26th I wrote about answering the call in my blog entry "Being Asked to Answer The Call".

But what have I done since that?

Nothing really, I have just continued to pray and listen, but as of yesterday morning I realized that I should be doing more then just listening! Just by meeting with my pastor and a simple question about Journaling. So now I see, that I should be writing and praying about what I am hearing or guided to think about. As of today I will start to write down what I am guided toward. I will continue to pray for those I think of and those who will be brought to my mind.

This is going to be a challenge, but I have been challenged over the past year. Challenged in my faith, family and in my work, so what makes this different?

Well it is different, because I am holding my self accountable to listen and act. It is different because I am a step closer in my walk with my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. It is all just different in what I am being drawn into to see and accomplish.

Beyond listening to the Lord about going to Care Net to volunteer and then landing an amazing job, with amazing purpose and amazing friends, who are all in it for the same reasons, that I am! It is a mission field that has called us all to it! So beyond this, I am in need of listening to what the Lord is telling me. Round and Round I go, but I am sure I will stop where I need to!

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