November 25, 2009


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So there is this thing we all Like to call Christmas and it is right around the corner!  I have been stressing out about all my decorations ever since a few amazing women on Twitter got these all set up.  But me I am not ready!  Most of the time I would be all gunho about putting up the tree, stockings and all my santas, this year I just can not get into it.  I just can not get my self off the cozy sofa near the pellet stove and get my butt moving to gather up all the fall decorations and tape up those boxes as well as all the boxes of clothes for the boys.  I just can not motivate myself to do these things. 

Why I am not sure yet- I do not know.  I love Christmas, I love making my  house a small wonderland for the boys and I love looking at all the different things that I have kept from year to year.  But some how deep in my heart I dislike taking all the boxes out of the attic (or at least asking hubby to climb up there).  I just can not muster up the energy to ask him to do this aweful chore for me.  But I will this weekend when I get to all the other boxes that need to go up in storage.
I am excited about Christmas and spreading the word that the Son of God was born and how we all should praise the Lord for giving us his only son in the form of a beautiful baby boy.  I want and need to find the right books to share with the boys on the importance of this event and this holiday.  As a family we are focusing on the reason and not all the other stuff, so dies it make scense that I do not decorate the house?  Or should I decorate but not go all out?  Undesided questions that seem kinda important in the whole skeam of things, but are they?

I think I am more excited about giving to others this holiday season more than receiving!  I am excited to see my family in Disney in a month.  I am excited for our boys and this being their first trip to Disney. I am sad that I will not break break with my family at either Thankgiving or at Christmas, but soon we will all sit down to a holiday dinner together and not stress out about homes and what could be better.
I must WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!  (green mountain)  I need to keep alert and keep tabs on how I can share the Gospel of the Lord with others I come in contact with.  I need to focus on the wants and needs of the PRC Clients and their families.  So for each day ahead I pray that we will be strong and travel through the holidays without too much stress.


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