July 1, 2009


Today was a long and emotionally draining day for our family. It all started a few months back when we saw that Dylan might be in need of surgery. We made an appointment to see a pediatric urologist at CCMC, great appointment and very aware of the needs of a child. I was sure that it was that way from the start, as we have had very good experiences with CCMC since our first was born. And this visit was NO different. So the urologist agreed with the pediatrician that Dylan would need surgery to correct the flow of his urine stream. From the parking at CCMC to the cafeteria meal, it was all good. Dylan was so thrilled to go home with a beany baby, and even made the nurses give him another one with out any argument. It is amazing what that cutie can do with his big brown eyes and long lashes.

No date was set, until two weeks ago. We rushed to get a pre-op physical with the pediatrician, and prepared our selves and Dylan for surgery.

This day came up fast, as we had just had a great day at the CT Science Center and picnic lunch next to the Connecticut river just yesterday, as a family. It was a great day, warm and breezy, yet relaxing and all around simple.
(these photos are of Dylan during the pre op appt at CCMC)

But back to this morning, waking up at 6 am and getting ready was not one of the highlights of Troy's vacation week, and I am sure it was not one of his either. But we got ready and off to the hospital we traveled with the little guy. No questions asked of us pretty much the whole time we were there. He was such a trooper.

Seemed odd - so different from the first time we were in CCMC surgery department, but yet so much the same. Dylan was amazingly calm and I must say it was surprising that the only thing that made him uncomfortable was being asked to put on the Jammie's that they had and not keeping his own clothes on. Everything else he was OK with, from taking temperature, blood pressure to the end with removing the iv. It shocked Troy and I.

So this time I was going to go into the operation room with Dylan, last time Troy went in with Trevor and had a hard time with it, so I decided to do it this time, it was hard to see them rocking my baby back and forth as they gave him anaesthesia. it was hard to leave him there in the operating room, and to just walk back to Troy as if nothing was weird about that, but it was weird, it was strange. But deep in my heart i knew and know that my children are well taken care of at CCMC. It is what THEY do!

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