November 25, 2007

Decorating UGH!

So today we started to decorate this house, but before we could do all of that we had to get the stuff out the nasty attic. So at 9:30 am Troy and I prepared to get the stuff down for about 40 minutes. So up he goes, and down comes 8 totes filled with christmas and winter decorations for our little house. Two fake trees, and all the fixings. My santa collection, and all the other fun holiday items, that I love to put around the house.
So we finished bringing them down, cleaned them all off, removed the duck tape and started to bring out the goods. But before we could, we had lunch and walked down to Bakerwoods down the road from us. The boys love that place, and it was such a beutiful day. So we took a nice family walk, fed the animals, did the ghome trail, and walked home. It was a nice afternoon.
So once we were home, I popped in Frosty the Snowman, and started to decorate. I could not find a few things, but as I dig I am sure I will find them. But today I did not get the tree up, and I think I will try to do that tomorrow. Then Trevor can help me decorate on tuesday after school, since tomorrow we have cubs.

November 24, 2007

So, here it is two days after Thanksgiving. I must say that I am really getting into the Holiday sprirt, I have done as much as I can do with decorations, since Troy needs to go to the attic and get my five boxes of decorations down for me. Then I can really start. Which is good because Trevor want's so bad to help me set up all the Xmas stuff, and wants to make sure we do not do it without him. yikes i just erased my whole entry...........................ugh

...more on family

So to continue with Family....We will be putting up all of our Christmas decorations tomorrow, and Trevor, wants to make sure we do not do it with out him. So all day tomorrow we will be putting up the tree, and all the other stuff that goes with holiday decorating.
But to get back to Thanksgiving, it was nice to see my husbands family. They are good to us and the kids all get along really well. And as a bonus this year, Troy's grandmother was there from New York, where she lives in a nursing home. So it was nice for our boys to get to meet her again and for her to see the two boys that will carry on the family name. She was so pleased with the way they acted, and how much they shared and loved their cousins. They were good and well behaved, and for that I was thankful!
So with all the family, I really missed my own family. I have not seen my brothers family since May 2007 and I have not seen my parents since august. To much time in between visits. We are planning on traveling down to Florida around the holidays, not sure when yet, but I can not wait. I miss my parents, and can not wait to see how much our nephews have grown. To see who is taller, Trevor or Ben ~ Will or will be fund since they are so close in age. Plus they get along so well and all LOVE Florida. The hot tub, the golf cart and all the other cool things we do while we are down there.
Plus with my mother undergoing treatment for cancer, I want to hug her, hold her, and let her know how much I love her. Things a card, flowers or what ever else I could ever buy or send can not say to her! She has had a hard week, and I hope that after Monday much of her pain will go away. She had to have fluid removed, that had built up in her breast, and they had to prep her for surgery again on Monday 11/26. She will be having radiation seeds implanted, and hope and pray that those will kill the cancer.
With all of this I feel at a loss, that I am not there for her, and for my father. But what would I do? How would I help? Would she even want me there with her? Not sure. I am sure she does not know how she would react either. Every minute is hard for her, one she is file, the next she is would it hurt or help, who knows.
......write more later

November 15, 2007


Wouldn't be cool if we could create our own friends? Ones who love you no matter what! A friend who is ALWAYS there for you. One who never talks about you behind your back. Wont steal your boyfriends or other friends. One that knows your life story and is still your friend after 30 years.
The photo above is that of my first son, making some friends of his own. Every time he took out the Mr. Potato Heads he could create any friend he wanted, and at the age of 5.10 he still can! How cool is that!

November 2, 2007

A woman needs only one good friend..... right?

...the rest are frosting (or just bitches). I have to say that I have found two really good friends. One I can really relate to and the other one is just so kind to me. They both are from the same group and come from really different backgrounds. One is older and the other younger. One has two kids and the other just one. I seem to fall between them, in all sorts of ways.
I have shared so much with them, more than I have with anyone in years. They listen, not because they have to, but because they want to. This is something I have never experienced in my life.
Work, people listened to me because I was in their space too! When I was in College, people listened to me because they were my roommates, classmates, listening to the radio when I was on, or reading what I wrote in the school paper. And I am sure most of that was NOT by choice. High School not any different that college...I was there and so where they.
As much as I am ranting on, I truly believe that woman do not have that CLOSE relationship that they always say the DO! Women grow together and then apart. For many reasons....different views or morals, marriages or relationships die, children are born, they view child rearing differently, many move away, they grow older, different interests or all in all just have to change and move on!
After moving a few times as a child, I was the new kid and the forgotten kid. I still remember my best friends name in Michigan ~ Monique Zafarana. She and I wrote to one another over and over again, we met up one summer and went to sleep away camp too! She was my BEST FRIEND! Strong words for a fourth grader, but it was the truth. I moved again, and lost tough with her. I have searched, asked etc, but still no sign of Monique.
Sixth grade brought new place new friends etc. Arienne became my BEST Friend....she was cool, her parents were cool, her Brother WAS really cool...I hung out at her house every weekend, we went to the mall, movies, ran around in downtown Gbury everything together. We made it through high school still talking to one another, and I have to say that she WAS my best Friend. Graduation came and we went to different schools.
I will finish this, as I want to get all the facts and friends straight.


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