November 24, 2007

...more on family

So to continue with Family....We will be putting up all of our Christmas decorations tomorrow, and Trevor, wants to make sure we do not do it with out him. So all day tomorrow we will be putting up the tree, and all the other stuff that goes with holiday decorating.
But to get back to Thanksgiving, it was nice to see my husbands family. They are good to us and the kids all get along really well. And as a bonus this year, Troy's grandmother was there from New York, where she lives in a nursing home. So it was nice for our boys to get to meet her again and for her to see the two boys that will carry on the family name. She was so pleased with the way they acted, and how much they shared and loved their cousins. They were good and well behaved, and for that I was thankful!
So with all the family, I really missed my own family. I have not seen my brothers family since May 2007 and I have not seen my parents since august. To much time in between visits. We are planning on traveling down to Florida around the holidays, not sure when yet, but I can not wait. I miss my parents, and can not wait to see how much our nephews have grown. To see who is taller, Trevor or Ben ~ Will or will be fund since they are so close in age. Plus they get along so well and all LOVE Florida. The hot tub, the golf cart and all the other cool things we do while we are down there.
Plus with my mother undergoing treatment for cancer, I want to hug her, hold her, and let her know how much I love her. Things a card, flowers or what ever else I could ever buy or send can not say to her! She has had a hard week, and I hope that after Monday much of her pain will go away. She had to have fluid removed, that had built up in her breast, and they had to prep her for surgery again on Monday 11/26. She will be having radiation seeds implanted, and hope and pray that those will kill the cancer.
With all of this I feel at a loss, that I am not there for her, and for my father. But what would I do? How would I help? Would she even want me there with her? Not sure. I am sure she does not know how she would react either. Every minute is hard for her, one she is file, the next she is would it hurt or help, who knows.
......write more later


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