September 28, 2009

FB/Twitter posts from 10th Anniversary Weekend!

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Is awake showered and packed up to head home! First breakfast a local place and saying goodbye and thanks to cousin!!
September 27 at 10:48am

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Ice ice baby! No way!! September 27 at 12:24am

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Faith??? By who george or fred?? September 27 at 12:22am

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Coverband at JAX killington VT

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Feeling really old! I guess if you born before 1988 you can drink! 88. R E A L L Y???????? September 26 at 11:44pm

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts
Yeah?? You R not at a bar surrounded by them!!!!!
September 26 at 11:47pm ·

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts WEEZEr sweater by a Cover band in killington vt
September 26 at 11:10pm

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Out again September 26 at 10:43pm

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Troy just reminded me that someone has to flip the switch for the blue light September 26 at 8:03pm

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts My cousin Chris is awesome!! We have had a great day so far! Thanks cuz!! September 26 at 6:36pm

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Three covered bridges so far!! September 26 at 12:10pm
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Robert Dziedzic You forgot the ha ha 3 lol September 26 at 12:43pm ·

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Long trail here we come! September 26 at 9:51am

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Woke up to slience! Kinda nice not to wake up to "I WANT JUICE!!!" September 26 at 9:17am
Jennifer Nauss Norris Thats awesome!!!!I hope your enjoying ever min w/o them...LOL September 26 at 10:53am ·

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Yes We R! September 26 at 10:56am ·

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Willi brew pub!!!! Yahoo no kidos to come home too! Loving being married September 25 at 9:08pm

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Angie Stark Baron
oh, I'm spoiled I guess...I get sleepovers at the in-laws every couple months. My mom kept her this past Monday night so that we could go to Foxborough to see U2 :) September 25 at 9:51pm ·
Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts
Yahoo! You are lucky! September 25 at 9:52pm ·

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Is wishing her husband an very Happy 10th wedding Anniversary! Dinner tonight, come home to no kidos, sat am nice drive to VT!
September 25 at 6:12am
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Sherry Cesana
Happy Anniversary :) September 25 at 7:09am ·
Annmarie Skiba WOW! I can't believe you've been married for 10 years! Congrats - Happy Anniversary!! September 25 at 7:11am ·
Jennifer Colon Happy Anniversary! September 25 at 8:10am ·
Jennifer Nauss Norris 10 years WOW...Happy anniversary...Hope you have a romantic evening:O) September 25 at 8:19am ·
Allison Trevison Congrats not many people can say that. :) Have a wonderful day the two of you. September 25 at 8:53am ·
Jennifer Lally Hill Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! September 25 at 9:35am ·
Gretchen Karr Kenney Happy Anniversary to you! September 25 at 10:11am
Kimberly Loring Ericson Happy Anniversary! Have a special weekend! September 25 at 10:40am
Michelle Aieta Harrison Congrats! 10 years! Wow! That's great! September 25 at 11:11am ·
Lisa Samble
Congratulations, have a great weekend! September 25 at 12:02pm

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts
Thanks to you all ! But I am only 50% of the couple! He has put up with me for over 14 years! So he deserves most the congrats! September 25 at 5:12pm ·

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