May 28, 2009

Finding Bear

Finding bear - winnie the pooh bear that is!

So tuesday we head off the the Drs office in manchester ct. About a 45 minute ride, shortly after school and after the bus arrived at the house. We all pile in and I drive down the the best asthma dr. around. We are there for over 25 minutes, the Dr. had an emergency, so there I wait with two kids at the end of a busy day after a long weekend. UGh

Finally we get into the now second waiting room and more guess what "WAITING!!"

Now I love this Doctor, for many reasons, he is funny, kind and is great with kids and amazing at what he does - since my hubby was one of his first patients back in 1974. So he is the end all when it comes to Asthma! So this story makes me kind giggle when it comes to him and his office. Lots of history in those walls for our family. He has treated each one of us over the past 33 years.

I am back in that small waiting room and in walks the Dr. offing lollypops to the boys and one for mommy too! Instant smile comes to the faces of my well behaved children (if they were locked in a cage at the zoo)! We move on with the appointment and exit the office, down the elevator and onto parking lot and car.

Not three seconds down the road the little one yells "Where is my bear?" Darnit - I look around the car and no sign of Bear! I try calling their offic but it is past 5 pm and the office has closed for the day. double ugh.

So I call troy and ask him if he can stop at the Dr. office in the am and see if he can find the pooh bear for Dylan, who is having complete nightmare! That was a no go since troy was home before us.
Next day I called the office and they have not seen the bear. WHAT??? We were the last people in the office. Asked nicely to look around, and the women said she did not see it but would called if they find it! I then ask if Troy can stop by and look around at lunch time. So he did, and he could not find the bear. About 1 hour later I get a call from the office, telling me that they found the bear, but would be closed by the time Troy got out of work. So another night went by. Next day during lunch Troy stops and gets the Pooh Bear for Dylan.
Update: Dylan does not sleep with or play with that same bear he could not live without for the one night! UGH


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