April 16, 2009

Family and Space

Have you ever wondered why we ask for space?

We need personal space, we need emotional space and we need spiritual space. As i approached this week I was in need of all three - It has been a long and pretty crappy weekend, between the kids driving us up a wall, the washing machine breaking and the laundry stacking up, A holiday with a family who is learning to deal w ith one another again and being away from my own family again during a holiday. Troy and I are both sick, and dealing with coughing, sniffling etc.

Sure it was nice to see the family we did see in some strange broken up way. I tried my best to make it better for all, for the kids, for the families involved. It was hard but I am sure my boys did not understand all the family dynamics. But if this continues, it is going to get harder and harder to explain. So back to what we needed.

We just needed a break from it all. Sure that sounds great right? Yeah but when you are handed a weekend like that, and on top of it all there is a school vacation to follow. I hate to say that Troy can escape it, but he can, he goes to work and escapes the children and all their crud. As i woke up on Monday morning I wanted to selfish, I wanted the day to be all about me! Why not right, it is my birthday right?

Well as a parent, a mother, a caregiver - this is not an option and it is not something I want to teach my boys, but deep within I wanted to sleep till 12noon and have a nice dinner made for me, the kids making beautiful birthday cards and picking flowers for me. YEAH RIGHT! Selfish has been thrown out the window, because I became a parent and a mother. So I can not longer be selfish, right?

Well with my hubby in control, I made NOTHING for dinner, and when he came home, he suggested that we go out as a family for dinner. So off to friendlys we go - it is fast and good food - keeps the kids occupied and gives me the day off from cooking and cleaning dishes. In all it was nice to go out, and even better knowing that Troy and I will be going out to dinner alone on Saturday night. Ahhhhhh

So asking for space, i was in total need of space, and Wednesday morning i was able to sleep in because my hubby stayed home from work to give me a break during the school break. It was a nice day filled with much to do outside even a picnic lunch for us and the kids being kids! Mud - dirt and all. It was rewarding to see what we as a team can accomplish together.

Tomorrow Thursday i am dropping one at school and taking the other one on a date to the UCONN Co-Op. Should be nice to spend time with him alone.


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