February 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

So I was at the Library book sale this past weekend, and as I was looking though the kids books there was this book that seemed out of place, really it did . The binding read A Time to Love - now my thoughts were like why is this in the Kids section? Weird! So I picked it up and looked at it! There was a beautiful image on the front of a mans arms wrapped around many different colored people, it was an amazing peice of Art. For those who do not know me too well I love Art, always have, all types.So I am looking at this book And I open it to see that it says Stories from the Old Testament - wow. Reading more it states " six stories from the old testament that invite you on a soul-stirring journey though biblical antiguity and into the meaning of LOVE! WOWA book called out to me from the childrens section and it is all about LOVE in the bible. Crazy - weird and I am sure all planned out by God. So I had to get the book, what other book would call out to me like that? Not to many. So I drove home and shared my find with Troy, and he thought it was amazing as well. So here I am a person who hates to read, who has trouble reading because of a learning disablity, who had never opened a bible till september - a person who never saw her self reading because she wanted to and had the desire to learn more about God, people and the need to share about her self! Is this part of the plan layed out for me so many years before I was born - Sure thing! WOW! So there are my ramblings for today and I will get to the next Day of 40 Days of Community later!


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