October 31, 2007

My mom and I and cancer

Here is a photo of my mom and I a few months before I got married in 1999. It was taken at their home in upstate New York. I am writing this all here because I was told over the weekend that my mother has cancer, breast cancer. She is 66 years young. Her mother had breast cancer when she was 50. So my mom thought she was in the clear. She has been very aware of what needed to be done every year and recently, more often. So this comes as a shock.
Currently my parents are in Florida and have some of the best doctors. I believe she will go through surgery, and then chemo. While I would like to go down and help her, and be with her, I have two young children, one in school and my husband works full time, so having the oldest in school while I am away is not an option, neither is taking them with me. I have always asked god, why do BAD things happen to good people, and this is yet another question for god, why?
I have been told that god tests us here on earth and never gives us anything we can not handle, but why such a horrible thing, like cancer. As I talk with my mom, I will post more, but right now I just needed to write about how I am feeling right now.

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